It's easy to become a part of Your Collective:

Simply fill out the form below or email your project proposal to

Creating your project proposal:

While you have the freedom to be as imaginative and inventive as you'd like to be in your project proposal, here are some things to consider:

-We are based in London, England.

-Our primary medium is photography, though we will consider and and are open to proposals that involve other mediums.

-We have imposed a limit of 5 projects a week, so don't worry if your proposal is not selected immediately, we will try our best to work our way through the proposals that we receive.

Your project proposal may be as detailed or as ambiguous as you see fit and you're welcome to submit as many proposals as you like. Your Collective believes in inclusion and collaboration. We look forward to hearing from you and creating the art that you propose, all you have to do is fill out the form below or email us at

Need help creating your project proposal?

Feel free to include any of the following information:

Concept/Theme of Project: A description of the subject matter the project explores.

Feel free to choose from: Photography, Collage, Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Performance, Video and Sound. You may even specify materials you would like to be used, i.e. a sculpture made out of cigarette butts, or a painting using chocolate.

Time Constraint: We will complete each project in a week's time, however you can request that a particular project be done in a more specific amount of time like an hour or a day, if you feel that it is appropriate for the project.

Artist: If you are familiar with the founding members of Your Collective, you are welcome to request that a specific member of the group execute your project. Get to know the different founding members here.

Influences: This can include anything from a description of a particular incident or experience that influenced your project proposal to a suggestion of other artists that you feel would be helpful for us to research while working on the project that you propose.

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